In many ways this blog has always been in a state of change and thus allowed us to pursue directions that we thought would be helpful, interesting,or just fun. We’ve written about everything from how to invoice and do taxes, to getting assisting gigs and landing clients. We’ve hosted a lecture series and run gallery […]

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Finn O’Hara on Representation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with photographer / director Finn O’Hara several months ago to talk about representation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get to editing the interview until recently but the wait is over! Finn is an established photographer with a lot of experience and great clients, so we turned to him to tell […]

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Knock Twice 2.0

A few months ago we posted that we were working on some changes to Knock Twice. In the close to two years we’ve been running this blog we created a variety of things to help artists and freelancers excel professionally. Our favourite part has been working with interesting people to produce great projects. Therefore we’ve decided transition […]

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Big News For Canadian Photographers

Some excellent news for photographers in the last few days; Canadian photographers finally own copyright of their images. As the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators states, “In Canada, all other artists have already owned the copyrights to their work and thanks to this new law, Canadian photographers, albeit the last in the industrialized world, […]

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A Guide to Art Residencies

A few weeks ago I decided to get serious about applying for residencies and met with artist Samantha Mogelonsky to get some advice. For those not familiar with the concept, an artist residency is when you go to a location (a mix of housing and art studios) for a period of time to focus exclusively […]

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