Finn O’Hara on Representation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with photographer / director Finn O’Hara several months ago to talk about representation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get to editing the interview until recently but the wait is over! Finn is an established photographer with a lot of experience and great clients, so we turned to him to tell […]

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I think sometimes that as artists, we hold on to things. Because many of us create objects, objects themselves become precious to us. There are lots of things that deserve to be honoured, and kept, and celebrated. But there are also things that are just that. Things. So when do you let stuff go?

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Luminance 2012

You may have already picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of lifelong learning here at Knock Twice. Knowing what you don’t know, or fleshing out what you do know are both really valuable to help you grow as an artist, a business owner, and a person in general. Which is why we’re […]

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Dealing with Burnout

I’ve been feeling a little burnt-out lately. I think this happens to everyone regardless of your working situation but I find it’s more common with those of us who freelance. From one perspective the work never stops – there is always something to do and someone to email. On the other hand you’re not obliged to do […]

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