Events: September 2012

September is hangin’ out downstairs, waiting for you while you run around finishing getting ready. You know you’re going to be late, but need to change your sweater one last time…..September doesn’t care. It’s basically ready to go. Settle on the sweater you’re already wearing, and get out to do some stuff.

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You Should Know…Betty Goodwin

The work of Betty Goodwin is fluid, ethereal, and fragile. Figures float or fall through transparent layers, thick tarpaulins hang as sculpture, and artifacts become x-rays. Using a variety of media, Goodwin’s work is frequently raw and autobiographical, revisiting themes and materials over and over again.

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Luminance 2012

You may have already picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of lifelong learning here at Knock Twice. Knowing what you don’t know, or fleshing out what you do know are both really valuable to help you grow as an artist, a business owner, and a person in general. Which is why we’re […]

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Events: August 2012

With summer heat and whatnot, we’re a few days late on our August event post! No one really seems to be lacking things to do this time of the year, but there’s still a ton of great art and events happening in and around this fair city. 

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Roundup: Laptop Cases

I finally joined the cool kids and got a laptop. It arrived yesterday afternoon, and I’m super excited about all the possibilities owning a laptop opens up. (Working out on the patio? Yes please!). This also means that I spent yesterday evening dream-shopping for the perfect case for my new techno-baby. I’ve pulled together some […]

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