You Should Know…Betty Goodwin

The work of Betty Goodwin is fluid, ethereal, and fragile. Figures float or fall through transparent layers, thick tarpaulins hang as sculpture, and artifacts become x-rays. Using a variety of media, Goodwin’s work is frequently raw and autobiographical, revisiting themes and materials over and over again.

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That’s A Job! (Food Stylist)

With this interview, we look into another behind-the-scenes job. Many times, it’s the photographer who gets all the glory, when in reality, a whole team of people were involved in creating the shot. On a food shoot, one of those members can be a food stylist; a professional who makes everyone one the team look […]

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Roundup: A Few New Blogs

We’re all for people creating informed work, seeing new things , and being inspired. Eugen and I both attended Kiana Hayeri’s opening last night at the I.M.A. Gallery; and if you’re inToronto, we suggest you check it out. (Obviously, we also suggest that you attend our Flightpath artist talk with Kiana herself). If you can’t […]

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You Should Know… Martin Parr

You will either love or hate Martin Parr’s work – it has oddly, given its content, been the target of a lot of controversy. When going through the process to join Magnum, Philip Jones Griffiths (a former president of the agency) said “Let me state that I have great respect for him as the dedicated […]

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