Welcome to Knock Twice – a blog dedicated to assisting and informing budding creative professionals. Created and run by Erika Jacobs and Eugen Sakhnenko, two Toronto photographers, who have come to realise that school (art school in particular) doesn’t prepare you for working in the professional world. As a result, we’ve created Knock Twice with a focus on art, business, and education, in hopes of helping those just starting out avoid the mistakes we’ve made (and continue to make).

How the Site Works

The blog is divided into two main sections – Articles and Features. Articles are longer original posts put up every Monday and Wednesday. Here is how we break them down:

  • Art: The work you do for yourself.
  • Business: The work you do for others.
  • Education: Things you pursue to learn more about the world around you (often in fields other than your own).

Features are posted every Friday and will often be shorter posts, here’s the breakdown:

  • Events: A list of related events, mostly happening around Toronto.
  • Round-Up: A collection of products or services about a given theme.
  • You Should Know: A short summary about something or someone you should know.

A Few Posts to Get Started

You Should Know… Yousuf Karsh – Learn about the iconic portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh.

Making Dreams Come True – How to set goals and, more importantly, bring them to fruition.

Who Needs Grades? – Why your grades in school don’t matter and should be ignored.

Stay Up-to-Date

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter! Every week you’ll get a summary of the previous week’s posts, a list of interesting articles we’ve come across, and you’ll be the first to learn about upcoming events and contests. If you use an RSS reader you can subscribe you our feed. You should also follow us on Twitter where we tweet cool things relating to art, business, and education.

That’s all for now, check back on Wednesday for a new post! If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at: info@knocktwiceblog.com

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