The Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers

I doubt I have to sell you on how amazing smart phones are. For freelancers, the smart phone is the device we’ve been waiting for. Easy access to email, contacts, calendar, documents, THE INTERNET – it’s a miracle. I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon when the 3G came out and have upgraded to the iPhone 4 a few months ago. I have used hundreds of various apps, but few have integrated themselves into my work flow. Here are my top five iPhone apps for freelancers. Please note that most of these are probably available on other platforms as well.


Instapaper is amazingly simple yet incredibly brilliant. The premise is that while you are on your computer you bookmark articles that you don’t have time to read. Instapaper then pulls the text/images and syncs it (wirelessly) to you iPhone allowing you to read them later – when you’re commuting, waiting in line, waiting for your food order, etc. It also works on the iPad, most major e-book readers, and there is an online interface.

There is a great free version, but you will most certainly want to upgrade as you use it more and more. The paid version is $4.99 and gives you great features such as folders, higher article capacity, in-app dictionary, adjustable fonts, several sharing options, remembers your position, and my personal favourite – tilt scrolling. Check out Instapaper’s feature summary and links to both versions here.  App Store Link

Awesome Note

Having tried many Notes-replacements apps, I have been using Awesome Note for the last year on a daily basis. Think of it as Notes on steroids. Some of my favourite features include folders (with tabs and icons), a variety of themes / fonts, quick memo mode, password protection for notes, syncs with Google Docs, and amazing UI. The cost is $3.99 and there is much more like full to-do list integration, so head over to Awesome Note’s site to see the full feature set.  App Store Link


mSecure is another simple app that everyone can benefit from. If you are anything like me, you have a million accounts with a variety of passwords, think websites, hosting, banking, credit cards, your business info, etc. With mSecure you enter all you account info and passwords into the app (which is encrypted) and you have one password / pin to access all the data. Once in the app, everything is searchable and can be organized by account type for easy access. There are many apps like this, some a bit better looking than this one. However this one was reasonably priced at $4.99 (others are around $9.99) and has met all my password keeping needs.  App Store Link


TeuxDeux is an extremely well design to-do app from SwissMiss (the blog you already follow or are subscribing to right now). The app syncs with the TeuxDeux web interface and shows all your tasks for the upcoming week in a beautiful clear way. Moving things around and editing them is super easy as well. This is probably the best looking and one of the best functioning apps on my phone and at $2.99 there is no reason not to get it. See the TeuxDeux site for more details.  App Store Link


It seem like regardless of what industry you’re in you will have to pick fonts for something sooner or later. WhatTheFont is a great app that lets you take a photo of a font you like and it will tell you what it is. That’s all there is to it. You will need either the 3GS or iPhone 4 for this one as the cameras in the earlier models just aren’t good enough. The app is not perfect – there is no history of font’s you’ve looked at and it isn’t optimized for the retina display, but at the moment there doesn’t seem to be an alternative. Also it’s free, so I can’t really complain too much.  App Store Link

Hope there were some apps in there that were new to you and that will help you live a more productive life.

Please let us know what your favourite apps are!

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