Better than Roses

Here at Knock Twice, we’re not huge fans of pink and red pre-valentines day gift posts. We are, however, big fans of gifts. For any reason. Especially the nerdy kind.  This is an online-gift-source round-up for those of us who can celebrate our inner photo-nerd, those of us who want to deck out our homes, offices, and satchels with the trappings of geekdom, and who may find a spare lens cap in their purse from time to time.

If you, or the one you love, has ever spilled something and thought “ctrl+z”, owned an Adobe Tools tie, or watched more than 10 seconds of the Photoshop tutorial rap, you might be one of us…..

Whether it’s for your nerdy valentine, or your own personal wish list, here are a few online sources to get you thinking:


Photo-based inventory includes an SLR bokeh kit, a rare film gift pack, and the coveted lens mug (Canon or Nikon) pictured above.

Think Geek:

Though not strictly photo-themed, prepare to get lost in a world of things you don’t need, but might really want. Ninja star pushpins, Photoshop fridge magnets, and DIY library kits are some of my favourite office supplies.

What the Duck:

A daily, photography-themed comic strip (“It’s funny because it’s true!”) from animator Aaron Johnson. It also happens to have very funny merch.

HighKey Camera Straps:

Tired of being a free billboard for Nikon or Canon (but not so tired that you wouldn’t buy a branded mug…)? HighKey has a variety of stylish straps with an option to customize your own!

Geek is chic these days (in case you hadn’t heard, eyeglasses are the new black…), so there are a ton of sites catering to our on-trend love of nerdy.   Where else do you go to find great geeky gifts?

Image sourced from: Photojojo


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