Roundup: Good Looking Business Card Holders

If, after reading last week’s post, you spent some time designing business cards, and they’re on their way to you from the printer, consider this your next step. A business card holder is a way to look professional, and show some personal style. It’s also a way to protect your investment; you don’t want to be giving out cards that are dirty, folded, or bent.

I keep a little stack of cards in my wallet for business emergencies, but I also have a series of card holders to keep things organized. One for my purse, and one for each of my camera bags. I also try to keep one easily accessible in the pocket of my jacket. After a few mishaps where I moved my gear from one bag to another, but forgot to move my cards, I don’t see any harm in being a little over-prepared. Because I have a few different business cards, I try to keep a full set of cards in each holder.

I’ve found a number of very affordable options at business or art supply stores, but I wish I owned Mjolk’s lovely wooden case….sigh.  A girl can dream.

1. Wooden case from Mjolk – $98

2. Vintage US Military Cigarette Case from Scout Dry Goods – $88

3. Pink Lambskin Wallet Pouch from Rennes – $24

4. Bungee Card Case from Umbra – $7

5. Octopus Cigarette Case from Cosmic Firefly – $60

6. The ShowCase from Moo – $11

Whether sleek and simple or ornately vintage, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down a business card case for your little beauties.


  1. I have a great ultra simple one.
    Japanese, about 15-20 bucks?
    oustanding, simple light tin, very slim.
    I cant remember the brand or the name of the store but it’s somewhere in yorkville. A paper, pen, notebook shop.


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