Good Things In One Place: Akimbo

In recent years I have become a big fan of having things delivered to me. Office supplies, groceries, daily doses of imagery, you name it. I’m pretty sure it has to do with me finally realizing that my time is a commodity, and identifying my priorities. So in the spirit of having things brought to you on a silver platter, do you know about Akimbo?

Akimbo promotes contemporary visual art, video, new media and film locally, nationally and internationally through a series of event lists. Check the site, subscribe, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get constant arts and culture information including:

Exhibitions – Notifications about upcoming exhibitions, performances, and festivals

Call for Submissions – Calls for exhibitions, workshops, scholarships, and residencies

Jobs – Postings for positions in numerous fields

Learning – Workshops, seminars, and panel discussions on a variety of topics

Publications – Launch of new issues and editions of art related publications

Hit List – Once a week, a selected artist/writer/curator/filmmaker lists five great things

Though the site itself is great, I highly recommend subscribing to keep up to date with things you should know. The subscription page allows you to choose which lists you want to be notified about. My favourite recent feature update, the list system allows you to choose regions, event types, etc, that are relevant to you. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Manitoba as much as the next guy, but it’s not likely that I’m going to head to an exhibition opening there…)

Did I mention Akimbo is a free resource?

The site may not be necessary for you if you have your finger on the absolute pulse of the art and events scene. But even if you do, it’s nice to have a reminder in your inbox.

Image Source: Ragesoss

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  1. Hey thanks for the coverage! Glad you like Akimbo. We’re launching our iphone app at the end of March so there’ll be an additional way to get all the info. Stay tuned!


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