Roundup: Awesome Podcasts

As I mentioned in one of our early posts – The Idea Machine, podcasts are a great way to stay current and have fresh ideas and interesting news flowing your way. There are hundreds of podcasts, both video and audio, on every topic imaginable, just hit the Podcast tab in the iTunes store. I often listen to podcasts while commuting or doing passive work such as editing images, in addition to being interesting, they provide all sorts of fun facts and conversation starters. Just subscribe to them and have them sync to your mp3 player. Here are some of my favourites.

This American Life

Each episode is centered on a theme with around 2-5 stories. Hosted by the wonderful Ira Glass, this is probably one of the best podcasts around.

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Freakonomics Radio

Brought to you by the authors of Freakonomics¬, two economists “explore the hidden side of everything”. A lot of fresh takes on important issues, delivered in a clever and endearing way.

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Stuff You Should Know

A funnier, more adult, version of the TV show How It`s Made. Two clever/nerdy guys explain things such as How Suicide Bombers Work, How to Control a Riot, and How Homelessness Works.

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Planet Money

Finance and economics explained in plain language. This podcasts usually covers current events by dissecting and explaining complex issues such as health care, the financial crisis, even the revolutions throughout the Middle-East.

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The Monocle Weekly

Though slightly harder to digest than other podcasts, if you like Monocle the magazine, you’ll probably enjoy their podcasts. They discuss current affairs from around the world, often brining on politicians, business owners, and anyone else involved in the issue at hand.

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TED Talks

This is possibly the most famous podcast in the world. Extraordinary talks from the TED conference, delivered by those at the top of their field.

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Please let us know your favourite podcasts in the comments!