Roundup: Coworking Spaces

Regardless of how great working from home is made out to be, many people have trouble staying focused when working on their own. For freelancers it can be even tougher because you have to manage yourself and it’s easy to move tasks on to the next day. Renting an office on the other hand is very expensive in the city and out of the reach for most, especially those just starting out. What is one to do? Try coworking!

The idea behind coworking is simple. Take an office and rent out individual desks to freelancers and small businesses. Meeting rooms and things such as scanners and printers are available for everyone to use. It’s much cheaper than renting a whole office and easier to motivate oneself when you’re among others doing creative work. Most spaces offer “private desk” rentals – you pay a monthly fee for a desk dedicated to you (you can leave your things there and no one else uses it). Alternatively, you can get a “hot desk” – you pay for the use of a desk but when you’re not using it someone else can (this is cheaper). Here are a few coworking spaces in Toronto, they all have different benefits and features so check out their sites.

If you live outside of Toronto, please give us a hand by posting coworking spaces in your city, in the comments below.

CSI Centre for Social Innovation

Major Intersection: Spadina / Dundas and Bathurst / Bloor

Private Desk starts at: $365 / Month

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Workplace One

Major Intersection: Bathurst / Queen

Private Desk starts at: $565 / Month

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Major Intersection: Dundas/Bloor and Roncesvalles

Private Desk starts at: $350 / Month

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Major Intersection: Bathurst / Dundas

Private Desk starts at: $500 / Month

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Major Intersection: River/ Dundas

Private Desk starts at: $750 / Month (private office)

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