Roundup: Student Discounts

Education is obviously one of the best benefits of being a student, but one of the bonuses is the student discount. Often taken for granted by those to whom it is available, the student discount can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. If you’re a student, you should get in the habit of asking for a discount everywhere you shop, after all, it could pay off huge.

Here are some of the places to look for a deal: 

Publications: Many newspapers and magazines have a student subscription rate.

The Globe and Mail
The Walrus:
Azure Magazine

Larger Art Museums: A lot of cultural venues have a flat-out-free day or evening, but students can often get discounted memberships to visit anytime.
Vancouver Art Gallery:

Tickets: Mentioning in advance that you’re a student can often result in discounted ticket prices.

Transportation: A number of post-secondary institutions include a transit pass in the annual fees students pay. Make use of it (the bus isn’t so bad).
Greyhound Bus:
Via Rail:

Technology: Often one of the largest expenses, a discount here can go a long way.

What other sweet student deals should people know about?


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