Roundup: Sheridan College Creatives

As Ryerson Alumni, Eugen and I often feel somewhat biased towards their student work.  To be fair, Ryerson fosters some talented photographers (you can see some here), but so do other institutions. Sheridan College has it’s own share of creative talent (and illustrators, and painters…..), and their student magazine, Travis, is amazing! It’s well written, interesting, and the production quality is awesome. I recently looked through their photography and illustration issues, and rounded up five emerging Sheridan artists we think you should keep on your radar.

Alyssa Katherine Faoro

Alex & Dana (Spot 6 Management, Toronto) | See more work at:

Kevin Bryan

Sean | See more work at:

Darryl Block

See more work at:

Michelle Woodward

See more work at:

Leonardo Delaney

See more work at:

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