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Lauren Greenfield - Girl Culture, Fast Forward, Thin

Lauren Greenfield is an American photographer and film maker whose work focuses on youth culture, particularly in regards to wealth, body image, gender, eating disorders, consumerism, and more. Her access to families and kids is unbelievable, resulting in fascinating images. On top of that, she is an eloquent and intelligent speaker making her lectures a must-watch.

Lauren Greenfield - Girl Culture, Fast Forward, Thin

The Big Deal

Greenfield’s projects Fast Forward and Girl Culture have put her in the spotlight as one of the top artist doing work about youth culture. Her unparalleled access gives viewers a look into the life of America’s youth as they struggle to grow up in a world obsessed with wealth, body image, and fashion. In 2003 she was named one of the 25 most influential photographers working today by American Photo. She has received many awards for her work, including the International Center for Photography Infinity Award, the Hasselblad Grant, and the Moscow Biennial People’s Choice Award.

Life in Brief

Born in Boston in 1966, Greenfield majored in Visual Environmental Studies at Harvard in 1987. Her thesis project Survivors of the French Revolution – photographs of French Aristocrats, landed her an internship at National Geographic. A National Geographic grant allowed her to complete her first large project – Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood. Her follow up project Girl Culture was completed five years later (2002). In 2006, Greenfield released her first feature-length documentary film – THIN. The film received the “John Grierson Award for director of the best feature-length documentary at the London Film Festival 2006” and was nominated for an Emmy in 2007. In 2008 she released a short film titled kids + money. Greenfield is currently working on a new feature-length documentary title VERSAILLES.

More Info

Lauren Greenfield Lecture at Ryerson University (Kodak Lecture Series)

Lauren Greenfield’s Website

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