Roundup: Work Space Improvements

I’ve been in the same house for two years now, and I still feel like I’m settling in. Especially when it comes to my work space. It’s kind of ironic that the place I spend the most time has gotten the least attention from me. It’s important to have a space to work that is both functional and comfortable. I know a lot of people dislike Ikea, but it really is a great resource for shoppers on a budget. I’ve rounded up a few things to improve your workspace. The best part is that they’re all under $10!

1. As a creative professional, you’re bound to have cord, chargers, and other bits and pieces that inevitably end up tangled in a drawer somewhere. I recommend a drawer organizer like this for your closet, dresser, desk, shelf, or wherever your bigger junk ends up. [Skubb box with compartments – $8.99]

2. I can get kind of overwhelmed by all of the junk on my desk, so I’ve started using trays and serving dishes to hold little bits of stuff. From post-its to lip balm, at least it’s somewhat contained. [Bjoerkna serving dish – $2.99]

3. Good lighting is key, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk. The overhead light in your room might not be cutting it. Try an adjustable task lamp, you’ll be surprised by what a difference it makes. [Tertial work lamp – $9.99]

4. Spare seating is a great thing to have on hand. A folding chair can be pulled out for meetings, clients, or when your brother wants to show you that hilarious thing on youtube…… (Bonus: you can hang it up and out of your way on one of your new hooks) [Jeff folding chair – $9.99]

5. I’m all about organization and systems. I was dumping my bag on the floor when I got home, until I put up a few hooks. Now my bag is always where I left it.
[Blecka hooks – $6.99/4pk]

6. My newest system involves putting all of my current magazine issues in one place. When I replace one with a newer issue, I recycle the old one. (It’s rare that you’ll want back issues of Toronto Life from 2006). These types of holders are also helpful for storing your published work. [Dokument magazine file – $9.99 set of 2]

7. I read somewhere that people are happier in work spaces that include a plant or animal. I don’t know if this is true, but I have always figured it can’t hurt. Since Ikea doesn’t sell puppies for under $10, this plant is an ok runner up.
[Spathiphyllum plant – $6.99]


What’s the best thing you’ve brought into your workspace lately?