A Simple Rule: The Big Three

Today’s post is short; a little meditation. I recently worked with a photographer who gave me some really good advice, not just for photographers, but for any freelancer in a creative field. It’s a simple rule to help you decide weather to take on a job. We dubbed it “the big three”.

The big three are money, relationships, or creativity.


Money: Is the job financially worth your while? If you’re going to be putting time and effort into something, it should at least pay well.

Relationships: (Specifically, business relationships.) Could working for this client help you in the future? Are they someone who will grow with your business, leading to bigger and better jobs?

Creativity: Is it a job you want to do? Will it feed the part of you that got into this business in the first place? Not everything is about money.


Consider each element independently. If the other two weren’t there, would that one reason be enough? No job has to have all three. (If all three are present, it’s your dream job). But if a job doesn’t have any of the three, you shouldn’t do it. It’s that simple.


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