Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

It often seems that there are certain people that get all the opportunities. One thing after another comes their way without any seemingly direct effort from them. They win awards, get shows, and are interviewed on popular blogs and in magazines. Why is that? It might seem like luck or some elusive talent, but most of the time (all of the time?) it is because they create an environment around them that is conducive to opportunities. Let’s look at three ways that you can create opportunities.

Creating Opportunities

Help Others

This is huge. More than anything else, helping others makes others want to help you. Whenever you can, try to lend a helping hand to fellow artists and others in the industry. Someone needs help hanging their show, offer to do it. A friend is looking for media contacts to promote his new project, share your list. Someone needs a free assistant for a creative they’re working on, offer to do it. It is important not to this selflessly – don’t expect to get anything in return. However, you will quickly notice that those same people will soon go out of their way to help you out and will send opportunities your way.


No one becomes successful in a bubble. A lot of people scoff at twitter and even blogging but they’re the same ones that complain that nobody ever sees their work, or that it’s so hard to find resources or people to help out on projects. Inject yourself into whatever community you operate. Follow people’s personal blogs and leave comments. Go to show openings to show your support. The more you participate the more people will know who you are and recognize you as an asset in the community. No one has passed on an opportunity to someone they’ve never met.

Let Everyone Know

You’re working on an interesting project, or maybe you’ve even finished it, great! What’s the point if no one sees it? As soon as you have a concrete idea of what it is you’re working on then tell people! Tell your parents, your non-industry friend, and your professional colleagues. Someone you might not thing is related to what you’re doing will meet someone tomorrow who is. If they know about your work they might mention it which could lead to a connection for you. People don’t care about things they don’t know about.

What helps you foster opportunities? Please let us kno in the comments!

Images by: Crystal (Hand Shake), Michael Sauers (Twitter Bird), Robert Nilsson (Megaphone)