Roundup: Finding Grants

Finding Grants

It isn’t uncommon for artists to fund projects or exhibitions through grants. We’ve had a few readers ask us where one can find listings for grants and granting bodies. We’re lucky in Canada as we have a pretty good granting system that is accessible to artists at all levels in their careers, from what I hear other countries are not so fortunate. However, almost all countries have some sort of public arts grant organization that is worth having a look at if you’re pursuing that method of funding.

Finding Grants

In Canada, granting organization are divided by government levels – as an example lets look at what options are available for someone living in Toronto. On top is the Canada Arts Council – it has the largest grants but also the most stringent criteria for who is eligible. One level below is the Ontario Arts Council which is slightly more open but gives out smaller amounts. Finally, there is the Toronto Arts Council, this gives out the smallest amounts but has the simplest criteria – most emerging artists start here.

This works similarly in other provinces, for example there is the BC Arts Council and the City of Vancouver also has a granting program. The best way to find your city’s or province’s grant program is to simply google “City / Province + arts council” or “City / Province + arts grants”. For other countries, the Canada Arts Council has a great list of Arts Councils from around the world.

On a final note, if you’re from New York State, the NYSCA has a great web app that lets you search for various private organization offering grants in New York, have a look here. If you know of more apps / databases like this, please share a link in the comments so we can help out readers from other countries.

Painting by Carl Barks.