Magenta’s Flash Forward

Flash Forward

Both Erika and I recently received honorable mentions in Magenta’s Flash Forward 2011 photography competition and book. I’m a big fan of entering competitions that have multi faceted prizes, such as an award, show, and publication. They let you add several lines to your CV and get your work out to a larger audience than something where there is only a financial prize. Flash Forward 2012 is currently accepting submissions and the 2011 show is up until Wednesday so I thought it’s a good time to talk about Magenta and why you should apply.

Flash Forward

Magenta is first and foremost a charitable publishing house that focuses on bringing exposure to artists. However, I feel that they have grown into a sort of community that brings together emerging artists and presents their work to the world. Flash Forward is Magenta’s annual photo book featuring the work of emerging photographers (34 years or under) from Canada, the US, and the UK. Going into its eighth year, they have recently introduced the Flash Forward Festival – several days of shows, lectures, and parties! Next year they will be holding the festival in both Toronto and Boston!

If you win the competition you are automatically featured in the lovely book and have the chance to be in the exhibition which travels to various cities. There is also on winner who gets the Bright Sparks Award ($5000). The deadline to apply is December 31, 2011, the cost is $50 (of whatever the currency of your country is), and as mentioned above you have to be 34 or younger and live in Canada, the US, or UK. You should apply! And if not, be sure to at least check out the previous Flash Forward books and the show currently up in Toronto.

Images by Flash Forward 2011 winners: Sarah Sudhoff (left) & Thomas Ball (right)