Why You Should Start a Personal Project

I’m a huge fan of personal projects. I’m not talking about personal fine-art work (though I like that too), I mean projects you start on your own or with friends – that you do, not for payment, but because your passionate and find it interesting. It can be a blog (Knock Twice!), organize a weekly event (Erika used to run Herzog screenings at The Ossington), a band, it could be anything! As many people are going on break for the winter holidays, it’s a good time to round up a few friends and get something started. Here is why I think you should do it.

Personal Projects

Whenever I tell people about some new thing I’m working on, they almost always ask how I will make money off of it, they’re completely missing the point. Personal projects are about freedom, you can make anything exactly how you want it to be. There are no clients or bosses, it’s all you! Personal projects can also lead to professional work – I started shooting editorial work as a result of my personal project Atlas –a blog featuring portraits and interviews with individuals working on interesting things. Depending on how far you push it, your project can potentially develop into a business – my friend’s side project Gamercamp started as a very small indie video game conference and has grown tremendously and is now in its third year!

At their core however, side projects make you a more interesting person. It’s always refreshing meeting people who are involved in cool things beyond their jobs. It makes you stand out in people’s minds and attracts unique opportunities! So think about starting something cool, big or small, this December. If you let us know about it we’ll highlight the project on the blog!

Also, if you’re currently involved in a personal project, please let us know what it is in the comments!

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  1. I am involved in 2 personal projects right now. The one project involves old personal family photos, which I have made into cards for my siblings. God Bless my mother who always gave us new pajamas for Christmas so that we would look “fresh” on Christmas day. I have now expanded that project into my cousins and aunts and uncles and friends.

    The other project is handpainting cookies, which has expanded into a small little business. Nothing brings me more pleasure when a repeat customer says “paint whatever you want on them” pure bliss…


  2. That’s great, Barbara,
    I definitely find myself involved in extra projects in December. Your projects both sound awesome; can we check out your hand painted cookies somewhere?


  3. Ha well, perhaps my personal project should be to launch a website! I do take pictures of them all, so at least I have that much accomplished. “Soon”, seems to be my favourite word when asked if I do have a website. On my list for the New Year for sure…


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