Five Tips for Holiday Cards

If you’re someone who starts thinking about holiday cards as soon as the calendar flips to December, you may have already started a list of people you’re planning on mailing out to; your nana, your aunts, your best friends, your buddy overseas. But what about your clients? A holiday card can be a good way to reconnect with occasional clients, and to thank loyal clients for their business.

Sending holiday cards to business relations can be a nice way to connect, person to person. My card list includes clients I’ve worked with this year, assistants, and a few vendors. If you’re thinking about sending cards to clients, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Be consistent – Keep in mind that even though it’s a holiday card, this is still a mailer from your business to theirs. Wherever possible, keep your card style in line with your own branding. If you’re all about minimal modernist design, it doesn’t make sense to mail out a lavish, sappy, multicoloured number. If you’re funny, pick a card that’s funny. If you’re all about luxury, make sure your card meets that standard.

Be prompt – Many businesses take a holiday break. If your card doesn’t arrive until the 24th, it’s likely that no one will open it until after New Year’s. It’s fine for cards to start rolling in any time after December 1st, so be sure to leave lots of time for yours to get to where it’s going.

Be direct – Make sure your note reaches your intended audience; address the card to your main contact, rather than the general mailing address for a company.

Be genuine – If you’re not planning to write a personalized message in each card, at least sign the cards by hand. No one likes receiving correspondence from a robot.

Be appropriate – My brother-in-law once received a card from his accountant that read something like “Your friendship is the light that keeps me warm at Christmas.” It was weird because he wasn’t a friend, he was an accountant. Unless you’re best buddies, something like “Happy holidays and best wished for the new year” is a safe model.


Will you be sending cards this year? Do you have any tips?


image source: all cards in the illustration by fugu fugu press