Roundup: Five Photo Blogs to Follow

With the holidays approaching, you may have some time to rest up and refresh. You might even have some time to do a little reading. Though there are many photo blogs worth reading, we’ve rounded up five we think you should know about (if you don’t already). But if you have any suggestions to share, blogs you write or follow, please leave us a comment (we love checking out new material!).




CONSCIENTIOUS – A blog about contemporary fine-art photography curated by Jörg M. Colberg


A PHOTO EDITOR – A blog predominantly about commercial photography and professional practice, edited by Rob Haggart


TIMOTHY ARCHIBALD – The blog of photographer Timothy Archibald, showing a combination of his commercial work as well as his ongoing personal projects.


LITTLE BROWN MUSHROOM – Blog founded by Alec Soth for Little Brown Mushroom Books.


WEST SIDE STUDIO – As implied by the name, the official blog forToronto’s own West Side Studio, edited by Matt LeBlanc.


What do you think of our five picks? Are there any photo blogs we should know about?


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