HMAb: The Fundraiser

Heather Morton Fundraiser

There has been some sad news in the photo community lately. Heather Morton, an art buyer and a constant inspiration for young photographers here in Toronto (and worldwide I’m sure) through her blog, has developed a tumour – Fibromatosis to be specific. As a result she will be undergoing chemo treatment for two years!

Heather Morton Fundraiser

To help cover the medical costs, since Heather won’t really be able to work much during her treatment, two photographers (Kristin Sjaarda and Lisa Kannako) stepped forward wanting to throw a party to raise money. One thing lead to another, more people have come on board and it has developed into a full fundraiser featuring artist talks, a silent print auction, and more. Please check out all the details on Heather’s blog.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Heather but her blog was a great inspiration when I was just getting started in the editorial world. She had a feature called A Year in the Life where two photographers, both fairly new to editorial work, would write posts for a year covering things like getting jobs, various shoots they do, how they promote, when things are busy, when they’re slow. It was like looking into my own future and very reassuring to see others going through the same cycles and how they would deal with the various issues that would come up. All the posts are still up on the blog so be sure to check it out, it’s an invaluable resource.

I want to first thank Heather for all her contributions thus far and wish her the best in her recovery. I’ve just purchased my ticket ($10) for the fundraiser which is happening on Sunday, February 5th, 2012 at the Gladstone Hotel. You can get yours on her site and please help spread the word by tweeting, blogging, and just telling others! Thanks.

Photo by Derek Shapton.