The Year in Review / The Year Ahead

Thank you very much to everyone who has ever read Knock Twice and told others about it! It’s been a really exciting year for us, getting into the flow of things, launching projects, and holding giveaways. As we move into 2012 we have a lot of great things planned. Here is a look at some of the changes coming to Knock Twice as well as our most popular content and personal favourites.

As always our focus will remain helping young creative succeed in the professional world! We’ve learned a lot over the past year and want to make a few changes so that our content is more interesting and useful for you. We will be switching up our format slightly with a larger variety of Friday feature posts designed to give you a better look into the lives of working professionals and insight into their fields (we will be announcing these over the next month). We’re also working on a special project that we think you’ll love, as it becomes more concrete we will release bits and pieces of it. And finally, we will try to do more video posts (two last year) and more giveaways for you (three last year)!

We’ve written posts on a lot of different topics last year and there are many great articles in the archive. Here are our most read posts from 2011 as well as our personal favourites:

Popular Posts:

Erika’s Picks:

  • Let’s Talk About Taxes: A two part post on collecting taxes as a freelancer.
  • Writing a Professinal Bio: You need a bio for any grant or competition you want to apply for, make sure yours is well put together.
  • Money Out in the Open: When it comes to dealing with clients, discussing money can be a bit awkward. Use these tips to ease the tension.
  • Anatomy of an Invoice: Invoicing incorrectly can lead to long delays in payment. Here is what your invoice should look like.
  • How To Back Up Your Data: Running a business from home means being responsible for lost data. Here is a hard drive backup system to make sure you don’t lose anything again.

Eugen’s Picks:

  • Video: Brett Gundlock on Crowdfunding: We stop by Brett Gundlock’s exhibition and talk about how he used crowdfunding to cover the costs.
  • So You Want to be an Artist?: What does it mean to be an Artist and how do you start off on the right foot.
  • Help Me Hire You: After sitting through several interviews and many more calls and emails from potential employees, we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts when applying for a job.
  • Handling New Clients: You’ve got a new client! Make sure you set the standard for you interactions early on.
  • Making the Most Out of Your Internship: A new semester means there will be many of you starting internships, be sure to get the most out of yours.

Please let us know what some of your favourite posts were in the comments below. Thank you all for a great 2011 and best of luck in 2012!

Image by sj liew