A Wealth of Jobs

A Wealth of Jobs

For both Erika and I, a big surprise upon graduating was the wealth of jobs available to fine arts majors. There is an idea that if you go to art school you should become a capital ‘A’ Artist and be a professional photographer, painter, illustrator or what ever else you majored in. In reality, most people wont become Artists (even the ones that do, will have other jobs for some time), but will still work in various aspects of the arts industry. One of our goals this year is to shine the light on the variety jobs open to BFA graduates.

A Wealth of Jobs

One of the way’s we will be doing this is through job profiles where recent graduates will talk about what they do, how they got the job, and what their responsibilities are. If you have an interesting or unique job in the arts we’d love to talk to you, please send us an email at info@knocktwiceblog.com.

To start, I wanted to profile a few great resources for finding work and internship opportunities related to the arts. The first one is a website called Work in Culture – it is run by Cultural Careers Council Ontario and their goal is to provide career development to the people working in the Ontario cultural and arts sectors. They have a great job board, you can filter listing by full time or part time work, internships, volunteer positions, and more. They also have courses and programs for career training if you’re looking to learn new skills.

Akimbo is another great resource, most of you probably use Akimbo for finding shows / openings but they also have job listings for all across Canada. They don’t have filters which is annoying but you can narrow down listings a little by subscribing via email to receive jobs from your part of the country.

Last off, there is the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), it is much broader in scope and also covers all of Canada. You can sort by location but that’s about as specific as you can get and unfortunately there is no subscription option.

Please let us know if there are other great resources for arts admin type jobs, especially ones outside of Canada. And if you’ve used one of the job boards above with success please tell us about your job.

Update: Here are a few more job sites that people have sent us since the post went up.

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  1. I just discovered http://www.creativework.ca. It features creative jobs across Canada. There is definitely some overlap with the other job boards, but it’s another great resource to have when job searching and you can sign up to their RSS feed.


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