This Wild Idea

We love to be able to shed light on interesting projects. There are a lot of photographers in the world, so sometimes it’s nice to be able to focus in for a moment on one little project at a time. I came across Theron Humphrey’s ‘This Wild Idea’ recently, and I love it. If it’s possible for a project to be both simple and ambitious at the same time, this is one.

Humphrey’s meets and photographs one new person every day for 365 days; the result is a series of portraits taken across America. The project’s website,, showcases the portraits and a number of sound clips from talks with each subject. An interactive map plots Humphrey’s route and itinerary, and lets viewers pinpoint where each portrait happened. There is also a ‘change my route’ button that lets interested viewers contact the artist to become a part of the project. There are some beautiful photographs, and some beautiful stories. I could spend days on this site!

*Side note: On New Year’s eve Humphrey’s truck was broken into, and all of his gear stolen – including both of his hard drives. He’s only on day 206 of the project, so if you’re interested in helping him out, you can find out more information here.


all photographs © Theron Humphrey