Laid Bare on Curation (VIDEO)

We’ve received several emails from readers who are frustrated with approaching galleries and getting their proposals for shows stonewalled. It can be tough to get a show when you don’t have an exhibition history and your work is fairly unknown. Something young artist don’t often consider is finding an event space and curating their own exhibition. In today’s video we talk to the duo behind Laid Bare – a Toronto curatorial team that’s putting up exciting shows on their own terms. We caught up with them at the opening of their recent show Nostalgia for the Present and asked them about how they got a started, what curating a show involves, and what you can do if you want to have a show!

Video Notes:

Laid Bare –
Kelsey Stasiak –
Andrea Leigh Pelletier –

Huge thanks to Andrew Williamson for shooting and editing the video! He’s the reason the sound is so much better than before. And a big thanks to Forgetus Collective (where the show took place) for letting us shoot in their space.

Please let us know what you think of the interview and if you’ve put on your own show, tell us what your experience was like!

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