Beyond the Art in Art School

Beyond the Art in Art School

One of the things that is often left out of discussions around the value of going to art school is all the classes that are in no way related to art. This is probably truer for university programs than colleges (correct me if I’m wrong), but I had to take around two courses per semester that had nothing to do with art. I took courses such as The History of Science and Technology, The Cold War, Race and Inequality, for me, these were the courses that really helped me grow.

Beyond the Art in Art School

They informed my work much more than art history or theory (although those were good as well) because they made me question my basic understanding of how the world worked and introduced me to new ways of thinking that I would have never reached on my own.

One of the great things to happen in the last few years is that top level schools such as Harvard and Yale have started uploading videos of lectures online, available to watch for free! You can learn about nearly any topic that you are curious about from world class professors. Below is a short list of various sites that you can get access to lectures. I’m trying to watch one of these a week, if you’re not sure where to start I highly recommend “How to Live Given the Certainty of Death”, it’s from a philosophy course taught by Professor Kagan. It might sound sombre, but it’s great for anyone who is coming out of school and feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.

Academic Earth is a great resource that brings a lot of great courses together with a much better user experience than most school’s own sites. You should also have a look at iTunes U (open iTunes, go to the store, and it’s in the top menu), it obviously integrates well with all your Apple devices and there is an awesome app for using it on the go.

Let us know if you’ve seen a really good lecture or know a great resource to find more.

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  1. Great Post! I completely agree about how helpful and insightful my elective courses where in University. Sometimes I felt like they where the only thing keeping me stable and educated when I was swamped with creative assignments in my art classes. Also thanks for the link to the lectures, now I am going to find my self addicted to watching them… better than watching online TV right 🙂


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