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I am all about affordable art. (I am also all about somewhat unaffordable art, but it’s nice to have some good things within reach….) I recently attended a talk at RyersonUniversitythat coincided with a group exhibition of student work. Let’s just say that I went in for the lecture and came out having purchased an art. (By upcoming Flightpath speaker Gemma Warren, no less!) Even if you don’t attend events in person, the internet offers a lot of great options for surrounding yourself with art you love. 

For me, stumbling across an online art print collection is like turning a corner to find yourself seated at an awesome buffet; so many possibilities! I will follow just about any facebook, twitter, or blog link to a promising online gallery. I love consuming the stuff on my screen, and sometimes it even gets to come home with me. Here are a few I’ve loved lately:

Offering limited edition archival prints, Stampa releases a new collection monthly. (Bonus: this month’s collection features Toronto textile artist Virgina Johnson. Thanks to Ceri Marsh for the lead!)

Like Stampa, 20×200 deals in editioned prints, both photographic and illustration. They describe their two core goals: they want everyone to collect art, and they want to enable an economy that allows more artists to make a living by making work. I’ll support that!

A curated online art gallery that represents an exciting new generation of emerging photographers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. I love their ‘search by price’ feature!

This one is my latest find. I love that they’re artist-run AND based inVictoria,BC. Editions come in standard sizes at standard prices. Bonus: They also have a sub-collection called The Littlest Mammoth with super-cute editions for kids. (I can’t wait to get this Elliot Beaumont llama for my nephews.) Thanks to Grant Harder for the lead!

Remember our post on Theron Humphrey and his cross-America project? Well, Maddie is his coon hound, and this on going series of photos is hilarious. (Think planking, but by a dog…) Prints come in three sizes, and a 5″x5″ is only $15. I have this one on display at home, and I laugh every time I see it. (Fifteen bucks well spent!)
Art also makes a great gift (providing you know the person well and know what they want to hang……) If you’re having a hard time committing to a piece, keep in mind that Stampa, 20×200, and Mammoth & Company all offer gift certificates.

Are there any that we’re missing? Where do you buy your online art?

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