Leila Ashtari on Photographing for TV

We’re excited to share a new video with you featuring Leila Ashtari. Last year she worked as a photographer on CBC’s cooking show In the Kitchen, shooting all of the show’s food stills. Leila sat down with us to share her experience, how she got the job, the challenges of working on a TV set, and more! Please let us know what you think, and if you have any questions for Leila, post them in the comments.

Thanks for watching, you can check out Leila’s personal work on her site and learn more about the show here. Remember, you can watch all of our interviews on the Knock Twice Vimeo Channel.


  1. Hi James, thanks a lot! It seems that the site has been redirected since we added it, sorry. The link should work now, try here:

    Eugen S.


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