Events: May 2012

May is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your photography-marathon on! The CONTACT photography festival, an event that turns Toronto into one huge photo exhibition, launches tonight. Though it was definitely hard to narrow the list down, we’ve put together a list of five events we think you should have a look at. (We’re also going to be releasing our one-of-a-kind printable Contact Walking Guides, so keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon!)


Artist: Johan Hallberg-Campbell
Runs: April 21–July 15
Location: Harbourfront Centre | 235 Queens Quay W
Description: ” Settled in the 1800s, today La Poile, Newfoundland is home to 93 residents. Facing an uncertain future, the community has recently seen neighbouring towns Petites and Grand Bruit resettled. A photographer with an enduring interest in the idea of “place,” Campbell tells their stories through still and moving images. Capturing the people and landscape, he creates a valuable document of a fading way of life.”
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Artists: Elisa Julia Gilmour + Gemma Warren
Runs: May 1–June 1 | Opening May 1, 6:30–8:30pm
Location: Alliance Française Gallery | 24 Spadina Rd
Description: ” Visually enveloping, the installation removes the viewer’s awareness of the outside world by transforming the white cube into a swimming tank. Five projections play simultaneously as a figure moves through the water, never appearing in more than one location at the same time. The submerged form—an extension of the viewer—symbolizes the unpredictability of human experience.”.
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Artist: Aaron Vincent Elkaim
Runs: May 1–June 1 | Opening May 3, 6–10pm
Location: Pikto | 55 Mill St Bldg 59-103
Description: ” This photographic project is a journey into the remnants of a culture. Documenting an epoch of Judaism existing in peace with Islam, Aaron Vincent Elkaim seeks to honour an important historical truth. Reviving memories of a past forgotten in the wake of Zionism, he tells a story at odds with current perceptions of both Jews and Arabs. Elkaim was drawn to this subject through his own family’s history. His father was born in the Jewish Quarter of Marrakech and immigrated to Canada with his family in the 1960s.”
BONUS: Artist talk with Aaron Vincent Elkaim
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Artist: Lynne Cohen
Runs: May 3–June 30
Location: Design Exchange | 234 Bay St
Description: ” Cohen’s cool, deliberate, beautiful, and intriguing images, precisely executed, and infused with uninflected light, reveal a great deal about the scope and limitations of our abilities to control chaos and make sense of the external world. They confront the contradictions and ambiguities of this often ludicrous and sometimes poignant visual drama that unfolds behind closed doors.”
BONUS: Lynne Cohen in conversation with Ann Thomas
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Date: May 12, 10:30 am
Location: Stephen Bulger Gallery | 1026 Queen St W
Description: Directed at those who are in the early stages of building a photography collection, this talk will answer basic questions about collecting, print types and editions with reference to photographs from the gallery’s collection. Second talk, Sat May 26. Seating is limited. RSVP 416.504.0575.”
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What else are you excited to see this month?