Making Pictures Pretty: The Camera Awesome App

For  long, long time I held to the belief that a camera is a camera and a phone is a phone. Then, late last summer, I got an iPhone. I was able to justify it by telling myself that I’m a busy entrepreneur, out and about and needing constant contact with my computer. (All true). Most of the photos I take are for personal reference. For example, my nephews’ extreme cuteness demands to be captured, but I don’t necessarily need  to post the photos everywhere. When my iphone photos do end up going public, I’m often a little embarrassed with their quality; too dark, oddly cropped, etc. It’s not a huge deal, but as a professional photographer, I feel it reflects poorly on me. Enter: Camera Awesome! from SmugMug. Problem Solved.

What I noticed is that I actually take more photos now that I have a smartphone. I wasn’t carrying a point-and-shoot camera around before, so having a pocket-sized camera is great. Especially now that I’ve found this new app. Camera Awesome lets you take and edit photos, in addition to facilitating photo sharing. Two huge points in its favour are that it was developed by photographers, and (this is a big one) it’s free.

 Key Features:
– Crop and rotate tools
– Library of filter and toning options
– Customizable brightness and contrast tools.
– Variety of border styles

A photo taken on my phone is never going to be the same as when I use a real camera (and I don’t expect it to), but I love the control this gives me over the images that do go out into the world. I know there are a billion camera apps out there. I’m happy with this one for now, but what do you use?

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  1. I highly recommend Photogene2. It shares all of the Camera Awesome features you mentioned but allows you to edit and embed IPTC info into your camera phone photos. The ease with which you can ‘publish’ and share photos from your smartphone it’s foolish for phoographers NOT to include their contact info and copyright before releasing them into the wild. I don’t pay for many apps but this was the best $2.00 I ever spent.

    I’ll definitely check out Camera Awesome, though. Thanks for sharing.


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