Roundup: Inspirational Posters That Don’t Suck

We’ve all seen those posters on office walls. You know the ones; they have a black border, a guy climbing a mountain, and a word like ‘inspiration‘ drifting across the bottom. I don’t love them. But I do understand why they exist: sometimes you just need a little reminder to push yourself (or to go rock climbing…). Find some wall space, because I’ve rounded up six motivational posters that don’t suck.

With the proliferation of Etsy, 20×200, and other online art sites, there are a number of motivational posters available. I’ve chosen these few because they caught my eye, I’m a sucker for text-based art, and I feel they had the best tone for us creatives. But I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch. If you have a favourite, leave us a link in the comments below.

1. Austin Kleon – Steal Like An Artist
2. 13 Pumpkins – We Can Do Hard Things
3. Mike Monteiro – Untitled (Let’s Make Better Mistakes)
4. Artsy Destiny – Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams
5. Baltimore Print Studios – We Have A Strategic Plan
6. Austin Kleon – Creativity Is Subtraction

[featured image: I Screen You Screen – Conan O’Brien Quote]



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