So You’re Headed To A Big Shoot?

I just finished the first day of a six-day shoot. We’re photographing at two different locations each day, and have a small crew and a fair bit of gear. Most jobs I’m on are me, and maybe an assistant, so it’s a nice change/challenge to work with a larger team on a bigger project like this. One day into it, I have the following suggestions for anyone heading to a big shoot.

So you’re headed to a big shoot? It doesn’t matter if you’re the director, the production assistant, or just the buddy who’s volunteered to drive the extra gear, I suggest the following for all of you:

Your pants should have pockets. I know it can sometimes be more flattering to have slim, pocketless pants, but it’s just not practical here.

Wear a watch. Partly to be grown-up, but also because you will need to keep on schedule, and it’s much more respectable to glance at your wrist than to haul your smart phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

Carry cash. You’ll need it. Or someone else will need it, and you’ll be the hero.

Carry a credit card. Because maybe you’ll be the one who has to run out and buy a replacement laptop battery, or something else, and the cash you’re carrying isn’t going to cover it.

Keep an envelope. You should hang onto all of your reciepts for the day/job, and it’s easier to have them in one place than wadded up in your wallet.

Use a satchel. I love a good purse, but an over-the-shoulder bag is much more practical on days when you’re going to need both hands to carry other things.

Make lists, stay calm. (Easy enough, right?)

We had some great suggestions for things you should include in a wedding shooting kit. I’d love to hear what else you’d add to a big-shoot kit.


image source: Jonas Bergsten