Leave the Ball in Their Court

I’m currently in Boston, having come down for the Flash Forward Festival (more on this in another post). Whenever I’m going away for more than a day or two I like to make sure I leave the ball in the clients’ court. This means wrapping up any work on my end and passing it back to the client. This way there is no nagging feeling that I should be doing something while I’m away and work is getting done so that it’s ready for my return. Here are a few things to do before going away on a trip.

Wrap Up Ongoing Jobs – Do you have images that needed to be edited, files delivered, or web galleries to upload? Make sure to get those out before you leave!

Invoice / Follow Up – Submit any outstanding invoices to clients and follow up on any unpaid invoices that are past their due date. These things always take a while, so get the ball rolling before you leave.

Reply to Emails – Leave a clean inbox and you’ll thank yourself when your return. Get back to any clients or inquiries and delete useless email. This way people have time to respond to you and you can focus on new emails when you get back instead of trying to remember old ones.

Let Others Know You’re Away – Be sure to turn on your email’s auto-responder and change your voicemail to let contacts know when they can expect to hear from you. If you’re in the middle of any projects, let those involved know that you’ll be away.

If you tie up all the loose ends you’re on your way to a guilt free vacation so enjoy it (and don’t forget to water your plants). Please let us know the things you like to make sure are done before going away. If you’re going away for an assignment, have a look at our post On Traveling for Work.

Illustration from bbaltimore