Do It Now!

A while back I got a great poster from a convention I was at. I brought it home and set it to flatten for a few days with the intent of hanging it up. Later I had friends over so I moved the poster to my bed, going to sleep that night I moved it back to the coffee table. Then I needed the table to shoot some quick photo, once again the poster moved to my bed and then back again. This went on for a couple of months, I would tell myself, while moving it, that tomorrow I would put it up.

One day a good friend came by and noticed the poster, I told him how I’d had it for a while and was planning to put it up when I found some free time. “Lets do it now”, he said. It took about four minutes to put the damn thing up, I had probably spent a total of nearly an hour moving the thing back and forth.

The point is that it’s almost always faster to do something right away than to put it off. Many tasks, especially small chores like cleaning up your desk or filing expense receipts only take a minute or two if done immediately but balloon to huge tasks if you keep pushing them off. So whether it’s putting up a poster or doing your taxes, next time something is on your plate try doing it right away, your future self will thank you.

Illustration by ralphhogaboom