Become A Font Snob: Free Online Fonts

I’m a typography nerd-in-training. I love they way words look, or, at least, they way they can look – don’t get me started on Curlz, or anything that’s supposed to look like it’s been written by a child! I’m loyal to my fonts of choice, (Century Gothic), and have warmed up to others (Impact). Every now and then I take a virtual stroll to see what else is out there. There are lots of great, free fonts online, and it’s not too hard to integrate them into your system.

I’ve been clicking around on these free font sites lately:


Don’t worry if you’re new to installing your own fonts, it’s easy. Step one is downloading the font file, and step two is installing it on your system. (How you install it varies from operating system to operating system). There are lots of internet friends to help you. Try one of these:

How to install fonts – Windows XP
How to install fonts – Windows 7
How to install fonts – MAC (or this one)

Note: downloading things from the internet and installing them onto you computer can occasionally be dangerous. Be sure the site is legit before inviting it to install things on your system.

If you’re a typography nerd, please, tell me what I should be looking at. I’m always game for new fonts!


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