Flightpath Artist Talk: Kiana Hayeri

We’re excited to bring you a new Flightpath Artist Talk, this time with documentary photographer Kiana Hayeri. We’ve put a hold on the live talks for the summer months, but over the next while we’ll be releasing several new previously recorded talks! Kiana is an amazing photographer that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years. Doing long term documentary work, Kiana’s focus has been on stories dealing with immigration, youth, and Iranian culture. These days it seems that Kiana is never home for more than a few weeks so it was a great pleasure to have her do a talk.

Topics Covered:

  • Working in Dangerous Environments
  • Dealing with Family Concern
  • Funding Long Term Projects
  • Keeping Your Subjects Safe
  • And More!

You can see more of Kiana’s work on her website and be sure to check out our other Flightpath Artist Talks.