Spotlight: Zipvan

In my personal work I make prints that are quite large, so large in fact that you can’t fit more than one or two of them into a regular car, SUV, or van. This leads to all sorts of annoying adventures with large taxi vans or multiple trips to get prints to a show or from the framers. It was time consuming, costly, and most of all annoying. The other day I need to move a lot of prints all around the city and tried out Zipvan – Zipcar’s new fleet of large cargo vans.

We’re big fans of Zipcar and have written about it before. Zipvan seems to have been introduced in the last month and is a huge benefit to this of us producing large work. It’s a two seater cargo van with a huge amount of space in the back. There is a convenient strap / locking system inside for securing whatever you’re moving (works great for framed prints). Driving such a large vehicle takes a little getting used to but thankfully there is a rear camera (a video screen appears in the rearview mirror when in reverse) for parallel parking and backing up. The cost starts at $14.75/h which is a couple dollars more than a regular car but still much cheaper than getting a taxi! Next time you need to move something big, give Zipvan a try!