Knock Twice 2.0

A few months ago we posted that we were working on some changes to Knock Twice. In the close to two years we’ve been running this blog we created a variety of things to help artists and freelancers excel professionally. Our favourite part has been working with interesting people to produce great projects. Therefore we’ve decided transition Knock Twice to focus more on creating content for others. Whether it’s a video, an event, or something else, we’re looking forward to helping creative individuals and businesses spread awareness of the things they make.

We made a really simple website – – (thanks Nick!) that highlights our most recent project and will serve as the front for our future endeavours. To start things off, we’ve collaborated on a video with Lisa Collins, the founder of Sweet Woodruff – a unique floral design studio and shop in Toronto’s Dundas West neighbourhood. Lisa’s personality shines through everything she does and we wanted to convey that Sweet Woodruff isn’t just another flower shop but rather a personal experience. Please have a look and let us know what you think!


The blog aspect of Knock Twice will remain so you’ll have access to all of the previous posts and we will continue to occasionally post about projects we’re working on and interesting things and people that we come across. Please let us know if you have an idea we can help with or if you have any questions in general. Thank you!