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You Should Know…..William Wegman


The work of William Wegman is a wonderful example of art that doesn’t take itself too seriously – beautiful photographs with a sense of humour. Wegman is known for his portraits (and/or collaborations) with primarily his own Weimaraner dogs in various costumes and poses.Continue Reading →

You Should Know…Betty Goodwin


The work of Betty Goodwin is fluid, ethereal, and fragile. Figures float or fall through transparent layers, thick tarpaulins hang as sculpture, and artifacts become x-rays. Using a variety of media, Goodwin’s work is frequently raw and autobiographical, revisiting themes and materials over and over again.Continue Reading →

Luminance 2012


You may have already picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of lifelong learning here at Knock Twice. Knowing what you don’t know, or fleshing out what you do know are both really valuable to help you grow as an artist, a business owner, and a person in general. Which is why we’re super excited about Luminance 2012, a TED-style event that features 20-minute talks from some of the brightest minds defining photography and innovation.Continue Reading →

Roundup: Laptop Cases


I finally joined the cool kids and got a laptop. It arrived yesterday afternoon, and I’m super excited about all the possibilities owning a laptop opens up. (Working out on the patio? Yes please!). This also means that I spent yesterday evening dream-shopping for the perfect case for my new techno-baby. I’ve pulled together some of the best the internet has to offer, as well as a few sweet local finds!Continue Reading →

Events: July 2012


It seems like everyone I know is either leaving to go on or just coming back from a trip. If you’re sticking around for the coming month there is plenty to see and do in the city. From the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to Daniel Neuhaus’ show in the Distillery District, you can see some art and enjoy a day outside as well.Continue Reading →

Events: June 2012


Though CONTACT will soon be over, there is still plenty to check out, and given the beautiful weather there’s no reason not to. June is especially exciting for me as my new show will be opening next week! But before we get to next month’s the events, we’ve got another pair of Flightpath Artist Talks on tomorrow (May 29) and see two great artists share their experiences. We hope you can make it out and bring a friend. Onward!Continue Reading →

That’s A Job! (Food Stylist)

Food Stylist

With this interview, we look into another behind-the-scenes job. Many times, it’s the photographer who gets all the glory, when in reality, a whole team of people were involved in creating the shot. On a food shoot, one of those members can be a food stylist; a professional who makes everyone one the team look good! Settle in for our interview with food stylist Heather Shaw – she was very generous with her time and answered a ton of questions for us.Continue Reading →

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