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You Should Know…..William Wegman


The work of William Wegman is a wonderful example of art that doesn’t take itself too seriously – beautiful photographs with a sense of humour. Wegman is known for his portraits (and/or collaborations) with primarily his own Weimaraner dogs in various costumes and poses.Continue Reading →

You Should Know…Betty Goodwin


The work of Betty Goodwin is fluid, ethereal, and fragile. Figures float or fall through transparent layers, thick tarpaulins hang as sculpture, and artifacts become x-rays. Using a variety of media, Goodwin’s work is frequently raw and autobiographical, revisiting themes and materials over and over again.Continue Reading →

That’s A Job! (Food Stylist)

Food Stylist

With this interview, we look into another behind-the-scenes job. Many times, it’s the photographer who gets all the glory, when in reality, a whole team of people were involved in creating the shot. On a food shoot, one of those members can be a food stylist; a professional who makes everyone one the team look good! Settle in for our interview with food stylist Heather Shaw – she was very generous with her time and answered a ton of questions for us.Continue Reading →

You Should Know… Bernard Faucon


I first became aware of Bernard Faucon’s work while I was still a student. We were looking at ways text and image can coexist, and this guy took it farther than you’d probably imagine: He had large words cut out of wood, then covered them in reflective tape so they would bounce back his flash light when positioned in the landscape. The results are seemingly simple, natural images with what appear to be handwritten phrases. (You may have to see them to get it.) Faucon is a French surrealist, and master of the constructed image.Continue Reading →

Roundup: A Few New Blogs


We’re all for people creating informed work, seeing new things , and being inspired. Eugen and I both attended Kiana Hayeri’s opening last night at the I.M.A. Gallery; and if you’re inToronto, we suggest you check it out. (Obviously, we also suggest that you attend our Flightpath artist talk with Kiana herself). If you can’t do either of those things, we suggest that you check out one or a few of these blogs, to see new work and be inspired.Continue Reading →

You Should Know… Martin Parr

Martin Parr

You will either love or hate Martin Parr’s work – it has oddly, given its content, been the target of a lot of controversy. When going through the process to join Magnum, Philip Jones Griffiths (a former president of the agency) said “Let me state that I have great respect for him as the dedicated enemy of everything I believe in and, I trust, what Magnum still believes in.” Not fun to hear from one of the leaders of your new rep. However, the very thing he’s criticized for – his observations on contemporary western culture, is exactly what I love about his work!Continue Reading →

You Should Know… Taryn Simon

Taryn Simon

I’ve held off talking about Taryn Simon for a long time because she is so recent. I’ll be honest, she is my favourite photographer and upon receiving her newest book – A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, I can no longer keep quiet. Simon’s work should definitely be on your radar!Continue Reading →

You Should Know… Yasumasa Morimura


It’s a bold move to place oneself in art history. Yasumasa Morimura takes the most famous works from the history of art and digitally inserts his own face and body into the pieces. Morimura appropriates everything from the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh  to Cindy Sherman’s photographs in the creation of his own work.Continue Reading →

You Should Know… Robert Mapplethorpe


The work of Robert Mapplethorpe is as famous for the controversy it caused as for its technical and artistic achievement. His sexually charged images stirred serious discussion about censorship and public finding for the arts when he began a traveling exhibition funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.Continue Reading →